CMAS World Cup Pool Series - Poland 2024
Final Results

CMAS World Cup Pool Series - Poland 2024

CMAS World Cup Pool Series – Poland 2024 will be held in Łódź Poland on may 02-04.2024 organised by Polish Freediving Federation.

Event Schedule and regulations

  • 01. May registrations and Technical meeting,
  • 02-03-04 May competition days,
  • The closing ceremony will take place on 04 May.
  • Participation: Athletes can register individually for each event.
  • Disciplines:  CMAS World Cup Pool Series – Poland 2024 will include the following disciplines:
    Senior Male: DYN, DNF, DYNBF
    Senior Female: DYN, DNF, DYNBF
  • Rules: The relevant CMAS rules and regulations for each discipline.
    Specific rules for the WORLD CUP POOL SERIES will be also applied.
  • CMAS Regulations


All athletes must register within a specified timeframe (at least one week) before the event.
Registration will be online in Sportdata.

Online temporary CMAS license will be applied with cost 24 euro per participant.

All athletes must have medical certificates confirming no contraindications to freediving, no longer than 12 months old.


  1. Event medals – 3 first places for men and women in each discipline and 3 first places for men and women in overall scoring for this competition,
  2. Scoring  System for the overall event winner:
    • DYN: 1 point per meter,
    • DYNBF: 1 point per meter,
    • DNF:  1.25 points per meter,
  3. Overall winner:
    There will be a ranking for the event as follows:
    The athlete with the best sum, adding points from his best performances, from all 3 disciplines or less (if she/he has not participated at all disciplines).
  4. Even if an athlete has not participated at all disciplines, shes/his total score counts at the event ranking, e.g:
    • DYN:100 mt=100 points
    • DYNBF:95 mt =95 points
    • DNF: 80mtx1,25= 100 points
    • Total 295 points
  5. Total Classification of the CMAS World Cup Pool Series – Poland 2024:
    • Calculating Total Points: For each participant, adding the total points earned in their two best events.
    • Overall, Winner: The athlete with the highest total points on his best two events is declared the overall winner.

world record status

Competition will have World Record status.

Anti-Doping Control

The competition will be under anti-doping control organized by ITA or POLADA.
It is possible to individually organize a test with POLADA by athletes planning world records.
More information after contacting the organizer.

participation fees

The participation fees are 200 EURO for one/two days competition or 250 EURO for all three competition days. Payment has to be done until 20 April at the account no:
PL 57 1600 1185 1820 1848 8000 0003 (account in EURO).


Zatoka Sportu
Akademickie Centrum Sportowo-Dydaktyczne
90-924 Łódź,
al. Politechniki 10

50 meters with 10 lines. The depth along the entire length is 2.5 meters. The water has a constant temperature of 27 ° C.

how to get there

  1. By plane:
  2. By train:
  3. By bus:
  4. By car

The city of Łódź is located at the intersection of the A1 and A2 highways on the west-east and south-north lines.

In the city
The city of Łódź has a very well-developed network of bus and tram connections. A single ticket (to 20 min ride) costs about 1 EURO:

Be aware because in Poland 1st and 3rd of May is a holiday and they may be a some issues in the public transportation. 


In Łódź you can find a very large offer of hotels, hostels and BnBs.
Prices start from EUR 100 for 5 days


Radosław Gaca
President of Poland Federation
Marcin Rutkowski
Sport Director
Michał Bochenek
Apostolos Bellos
CMAS Director